14 August- A New Beginning

Pakistan, the land of pure, has both the political and the religious context. It would not wrong if said that the spark of struggle started thereafter the British rule in sub-continent.

After the downfall of Mughal Empire, several leaders arose to spread awareness of Muslim identity. Few of them were Shah Walli Ullah, Syed Ahmed Shaheed Brailvi, Haji Shariattullah and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. They all are well-known for their works and movements. Shah Walli Ullah wrote 28 books in Persian and 23 books in Arabic for the common man to inspire them join his movement. He removed the differences between Shia and Sunni and asked them to make united efforts. Later, Syed Ahmed Shaheed Brailvi started Jihad Movement to renaissance Islam in sub-continent which awakened the spirits of Muslims and united them against inhumane attitude of the enemies. Meanwhile Haji Shariattullah was also busy running his Faraizi Movement in Bengal. He found condition of Muslims miserable and were busy in non-Islamic activities. Muslims were unaware of teachings of Islam just because they were in a community where several religions were being practiced. Secondly, there was lack of education too. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan configured the reasons of such behavior and acts. So, he established a school where five languages including English were also taught. He worked on M.A.O High School and made it a college. In 1877, he upgraded the college into university. He did it because he knew Muslims can only compete with Hindus when they would have bettered education. His Aligarh Movement is remarkable when he spread awareness about the downfall of Mughal and results of Independence War after which Muslims were tortured by British and Hindus as well. He was the first one who stood for Urdu Language in sub-continent and proposed the ‘Two Nation Theory’. With these works, it was cleared enough that Muslims and Hindus cannot live together in peace. There should be separate land for the Religions/Nations. Both were different from each other on the basis of beliefs, rituals and as whole identify.

All Indian Congress was formed in 1885 and it never worked for the interest of Muslims but for their own interest- Subcontinent for Hindus only. With the passage of time Muslims came to know about their design. There were Muslims majority in several areas but Congress always tried to prove them as a minority. During the partition of Bengal too, British passed an order in the favor of Hindus and annul the partition of Bengal. Therefore, it became necessary for Muslims to stand with their identity and struggle for rights. All Muslim League party came into existence in 1906 to safeguard the rights of Muslims. Sir Salim ullah took the initiative to ask Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk to arrange meeting for ‘All India Muslim League’. There are many other names too associated with the struggle. Without any one member, it would have a dream to raise voice for Muslim rights. After the formation of ‘All India Muslim League’, they got success on every step and every step led them to formation of the pure land- Pakistan.

Quaid-e-Azam made huge struggle to earn this name. He started his journey with All India Muslim League in 1913 with an aim to rejoin Hindus and Muslims but later he found that Muslim deserved separate homeland. The party lost votes several times but they never loss their hope. They knew that there are Muslims majority in the sub-continent and they just need to spread awareness. Spreading awareness helped them to gain more seats in Legislative Assembly. There are numerous events in the history where the party made proposals and they got succeeded. Story of Pakistan not only includes the struggle but the sacrifices too; Sacrifices of food, animals, belonging and even of lives.

One of migrated families is of Syed Shamima Khatoon who migrated from India and settled in Islamabad. She shared her experience as she has sweet memories of the greatest divide of the sub-continent and some bitter memories related to the events occurred. Everyone was very excited to have their separate Muslim land. On the other hand, Hindus ensured that no one purchases any possession from the migrating families. So, it was depressing time for migrating families to leave their belongings in India and migrate to Pakistan with no money in hand. Usually, migrating families travelled at night to stay safe but Hindus and Sikhs made their way hardest. They used to kill and bribe migrating families and many males were slaughtered for saving the honor of females. It was heavy duty on bus drivers to take their passengers safely to safe passages. They used to drive over the scattered bodies. From those who arrived safe to railway station, many were bribed and killed on the way to Lahore. The females were raped and then killed. Families waiting on Lahore railway only found train full of dead bodies. There were some families which were missing and their loved ones never found their missed family members. The ones who were alive were unconscious. It was very difficult for the families to accept the reality. Even imagining this incident is horrifying!

A Pure Land, Pakistan was dream of Allama Iqbal. He was a great poet and a philosopher too. He used his poetry to spread awareness among Muslims for their Nationhood. His poetry reflected two Nation theory and Islamic Nationality. He stood by the side of Quaid-e-Azam and supported him. He was elected as the member of Punjab’s Legislative Assembly in 1926 and worked for Muslim’s identity. His Allahabad Address of 1930 gave the idea of independence to the Muslims of India. He died in 1938 but his dream did not give up. People sacrificed their belongings and migrated to Pakistan to make Allama Iqbal’s dream a reality.

Pakistan came into being on 14 August, 1947; A day that is celebrated as Independence Day in Pakistan. Many families migrated to Pakistan with no money in hand and many migrated without their love ones. They all faced this tragedy with lots of patience. They had lost everything except their faith! The faith and belief in Allah made it happen. Every year, these sacrifices and efforts are recalled and we salute our Heroes; Heroes are not only the leaders but the migrated families too who suffered a lot for the formation of Pakistan.

Long live Pakistan! <3

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