A Pakistani Teenager Boy tossed coin for Brazil VS Costa Rica (FIFA WORLD CUP 2018)

A 15 years old boy dressed up in Red, Adidas football uniform stepped into the stadium. There was huge crowd in the stadium divided into two main supporting team; Brazil and Costa Rica. Crowd was waiting holding flags and other supporting material, for the boy to come and toss the coin, so that match gets started. The awaited boy walked into the stadium accompanied with match officials and two captains for coin toss. His every step towards field was a wish come true for him. He always dreamt to meet Neymar. Jr and it was that special moment of his life. He not only met Neymar. Jr but the Brazilian Football Team too.

It was 22 June, 2018 -the day he will never forget and we as a Pakistani nation too. That boy named Amed Raza became the very first Pakistani present on the pitch of Fifa World Cup match as one of the match officials.

Ahmed Raza is a citizen of Pakistan and belong to a Sialkot family. The family who have crafted stitched footballs for professional leagues from three generations. It was very proud moment for whole family that Ahmed Raza became the official part of Fifa World Cup 2018. Even he said: “I could have never imagined that I would be here. I am so happy to be at the St. Petersburg Stadium.”

Everyone is very excited to know Ahmed Raza’s journey from Sialkot to Fifa World Cup stadium. For the purpose, Coca Cola has collaborated with Sharmeen Obaid- Chinoy to make a documentary. Sharmeen Obaid- Chinoy have already received Two– Time Academy Award and all are expecting a great documentary from her team. According to several reports, documentary will be released in next month July, 2018. We wish her best of luck and congratulate Ahmed Raza for his unforgettable experience!

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