A Woman’s Place In Home

Though the border between a man and a woman has been quite shortened. Now, there is no field in which woman has not stepped foot and succeeded.

But still, some people following the old tradition still believe that a woman’s actual place is in home. Yes, there are many roles of a woman that cannot be replaced by any other, like:

A mother:

Though many men prove to be great daddies who take well care of their kids, but a mother can never be replaced by any other relation or person. A mother has an important role in child’s development, character building and attitudes. “It’s a little wonder that a child gravitates to mother” says, Chuck Smith.

A sister:

Being a boy/man you might have a brother with whom you have great bonding with, but a sister’s role is completely matchless. A sister would be the one you always can look up to, and who will be there for you in the toughest times of life. In the absence of mother, she will take care of you like one. Pssst! Expectations and reality can vary, she can be a brainteaser too!

A daughter:

A shoulder, a delightful cheer, daddy’s little angel and a blessing in disguise. There is no language that can describe what a daughter means to her parents. With that elder daughters have a huge responsibility on their shoulders.

A wife:

She’s not just the one a man shares bed with. She is a confidant, the person you have kids with, a bridge that connects the whole family, travel partner, the person in front of whom you can take your mask off and a soul mate with whom you are emotionally wired. Seems to be a wife is someone that can mean the whole world to you and even more.

But that’s not it, a woman is warrior who never quits, she is the one who holds everything together when the world falls apart. Harriet says “Women are true architects of society” because of them the society is what it is, or else things would have been rebellious.

Stasi and john Elredge state in their book “Captivating: unveiling mystery of a woman’s soul” that “It is a dangerous thing to underestimate your role in the story”.

You might think that a woman’s place is in a home that is agreeable to some extent as she runs a healthy and happy functioning family. It is very important for a woman to be there and fulfil her duties as given by nature and the society.

But you are forgetting one thing, a woman’s strength and boundary is not confined to her home. She is unstoppable even when she steps her feet outside her home. She is unbelievable because she can make impossible happen, she is complete in her own feminine way. You want to have a glimpse of some extraordinary women? Just scroll down.

Few successful and influential people who are “Women”:

Arfa Karim:

The most brilliant Pakistani daughter who was a student and computer prodigy in 2004 ,at the age of nine became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). She kept the title until 2008. Arfa represented Pakistan on various international forums including the TechEd Developers Conference who was the only Pakistani among 5000 developers in that conference. She also received the President’s Award for Pride of Performance in 2005.

Even Bill gates recognized her achievements and was invited by him at Microsoft headquarters.

Sadly, she passed away at an early age of 16 due to cardiac arrest.

Arfa Software Technology Park is the Country’s largest Information and Communications Technology Park, which is named in the honor of Arfa Karim.

She wasn’t woman, but her acheivements definitely made her successful and one of reknowed names.

Oprah Winfrey:

A true inspiration of many, Oprah winfrey is a talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. She is the richest African-American. Her estimated worth is $2.7 billion. It’s not a surprise that she can afford to hand out free cars to her audience members. Her fortune has been largely down to creating television that women and young girls love to watch. And not just being content with appearing on the TV, she has gone on to shine in many other forms of media. As for being influential, she has had president Obama on her show twice, amongst many other world-famous people and has donated 100s of millions to the needy as well as spent a lot to make this world a better place.

Flying officer Mariam Mukhtiar:

If I had special power in real life, I’d love to fly” who can forget her? The proud daughter of Pakistan. Mariam Mukhtiar was the first combat female pilot who died in a crash while on duty.

Mariam Mukhtiar Shaikh was the daughter of Col. (Ret’d.) Dr. Mukhtiar Ahmed Shaikh. She graduated as a fighter pilot in the Pakistan Air Force in 2014.

On Tuesday 24 November 2015, Mariam Mukhtiar Shaikh and Squadron leader Saqib Abbasi were on their routine operational training mission when their plane FT-7PG crashed near Kundian, Punjab.

Flying Officer Mukhtiar could save her life. She ejected herself before taking PAF FT-7PG out of populous area but both pilots decided to take risk to keep flying the downing jet for taking the jet out of the densely populated area, especially saving a school which was right below. The delay in ejection caused martyrdom of Marium Mukhtiar. She has been awarded with the military award Tamgha-e-Basalat by the Government of Pakistan. Mariam Mukhtiar will always be remembered warmly for her valor and patriotism.

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are countless others who have earned a renowned name in business, technology, showbiz and health.

So the moment a thought of confining a women’s role to her home crosses your mind, just take a good look around you. You will realize that a women was and will be unstoppable till the end of time.

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