Are We Really Becomming Too Much Dependent On Computers???

“Dependence can be lethal”

So here’s a point to ponder, can you imagine to spend one day of your life without a computer?
Well, the answer would definitely be No! We have become so much handicapped of technology and computer that we can’t imagine doing any simple task without it. Yes, you will surely want to argue by talking about its benefits and the way it has eased our life. But far more than that, many medical illnesses have taken birth from it.

You analyze that by observing the behavior of people around you the moment net goes off. Everybody freaks out like it’s the end of the world!

Dr. Peter Whybrow, director of neuroscience at UCLA, calls screens “electronic cocaine” and in China researchers tag them “digital heroin.”

You would be wondering how addiction?

Dopamine, a neurochemical is produced when we see something fascinating or new. But that’s not it, it has the second function as well; it is the chemical involved in most addictions a well- it is the reward chemical.

“Neuroscientists are concerned that dopamine is produced more than needed every single day, such as when kids are playing games. That may change the “reward circuitry” and make kids more dependent to screen.

Sigman says “Games in a virtual world lead to a false competence. Whereas children need to base their life on reality and not the fake virtual world”

To have a better look at the other issues, below I have mentioned few points that will change your perspective, or at least add knowledge to it.

The main cause of obesity in children as well as adults:

As you already know, obesity is the root cause of many deadly illnesses. And the cause of obesity is spending long hours on the computer, sitting and playing video games or using other social media apps. Alost 15 years from now, 90% kids used to play outside and get oxygen; that used to create healthy interaction with fellow beings, kept them healthy, obesity was not that common because physical activities used to burn the extra fat in the body. But now? 75% of our kids are staying indoors and playing video games. And that is why obesity is the growing concern of our nation.

Lack of social interaction:

“Social life” has been replaced by “social apps”. Rather than talking to our family and spending time with them, we are busy being connected with friends and strangers on social apps. Facebook, snapchat, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp… name it and you have it on either computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone. We don’t care if our family needs some warm time together, we just care who liked or commented on our photo. We are surely disconnected with your family, but connected to those who probably won’t show when we need them the most.

This not only hinders our present life but also causes problematic issues when the time comes to be in a proper “relationship”. That can be parenthood or marriage. And why do those problems occur? Because we don’t know how to connect in real life.

Intellectual level decreases, technology level increases:

Technology and the use of computer and similar gadgets have surely changed our life style in a positive manner, and help solve problems which took long enough back in time. But do you keep an eye on how your kids take disadvantage of it? Home assignments are no more self-prepared by using own intellectual and reasoning abilities. It is copy pasted from the internet and submitted. And that makes a human being who is capable of doing wonders, a technology fueled robot. Our children are a product of technology.

Isn’t it? Roughly 25% out 100 use their own reasoning to solve logical issues.

Too much screen time results in numerous normal life disturbances:

The reason behind people being overly dependent on computer for the sake of learning is (a) 35% of parents said to keep children occupied and busy while parents work, and (b) 23% parents said to make their kids “tech-savvy” but instead it has caused many problems like poor sleep that results in lethargy and bad immune system, aggression and other behavioral issues, low frustration tolerance, learning difficulties, poor short term memory, depressed, excessive tantrums and mood swings. There are major problems in school and peer group. According to AAP the children who spent more than 2 hours per day on screen had the above issues.

Study in adults:

A research was done by BMC psychiatry to see the effects of long term usage and dependency on phones, the study concluded that “Time spent on general computer use was prospectively associated with sleep disturbances and reduced performance for the men. For the women, using the computer without breaks was a risk factor for several mental health outcomes. Some associations were enhanced in interaction with mobile phone use. Using the computer at night and consequently losing sleep was associated with most mental health outcomes for both men and women”

We are storing instead of learning:

Due to this computer world, we people just a single step away from the information we need. If you want to know the meaning of any particular word you googled it. If you want to delete a blank page of word sheet you watch YouTube video for it. If you’re looking for motivation you watch success story of someone with just 3 minutes of video. Doing this on regular basis will only add up the information you are looking for into your knowledge base and this process is so called “storing and not learning”

Too much reliance on the computer has hindered our life in some manners that require being taken serious measures over, if not, in the near future you will not be interacting a human being. But instead with a technology fueled robot in the shape of a human.
It all comes down to you, what you want to become?

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