Avenger’s endgame is just hitting it!!!!

Marvel released their one last big show on 26th of April officially worldwide and it was huge. This movie did a debut of 1.2 billion dollars and got a rating of 9/10 at IMDb. Surely that deduction of one point is just to keep it a show. Awaam is literally going crazy over it and what not.

It is going houseful all over and to get a ticket is a real deal. Because of this reason the prices of ticket has also increased to up to $500. It is tend to be the highest grossing movie with even a sad ending. Fans of marvel are really sad for it. Movie has come up with many spoilers and those who didn’t get a chance yet are running from it.

Those who have watched are trying to be “cool” by publishing their spoilers and coolness through a new trend meme which is really offending the fans who haven’t watched it.


Don’t worry we are not here giving you a spoiler but it might contain a bit of relative information which is of course who’s not looking for. We all need a little dose of them. Movie is actually of 3 hours and 1 minute which goes up to like 3 hours and 11 minute including the interval break. It is also shown in 3D upon which people are really freaking out and made it huge deal that “who will watch it first”. With all the noise in the air it is definitely not the movie to miss! So get in the lane to get those tickets and watch it!

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