Here’s a great news for DC fans. Joker is finally releasing on 4th of October 2019… Yayyy!!!

And people have already booked their shows. We all know that DC is famous for their JOKER, so he is coming back to entertain us but according to trailers it looks like more of mixed emotions film rather than entertaining. The great joker role has been played by “Joaquin Phoenix” and this movie is directed by “Todd Phillips”. Movie has got a rating of 9.4/10 on IMDb and THIS IS HUGE MAN! We’re just waiting so eagerly for it. Even waiting for a single day has become harder.

Reviews for the film are already out and they have played a great role in making a WAIT HARD than before. Now let’s hope that it turns out to be ‘Worth The Wait’.

Critics have claimed Joaquin to be at his finest with this role and whole movie overall. This movie is also reflecting life of people who wear a mask of happiness and joy to hide their emotions and at the end of the day; they’re just completely different person when they are back home.

An effort to show this side of society is simply great to raise awareness among people. Media industry definitely did a good job, so appreciate guys…

We should be able to learn from it that how to be kind, polite, soft and good to others. We should understand that how hard lives we’re already living and now we should stop making it worse. Well so yeah, let’s just wait for the movie and then share your reviews here later about it.