Few years ago, we have witnessed a huge case of honor killing of famous model QANDEEL BALOCH. She was killed brutally by her own brother in the name of honor. It was truly unacceptable in every way. People protested, voices were raised on social media and did as much as they could for it. Then FINALLYY, this case was taken to Supreme Court. Now, we have heard recently that Supreme Court has given their final decision over this case.

Supreme Court has announced 25 years jail to her brother for her murder and they have set an example of justice once again. They condemned that if any accident like this happens again, serious actions will be taken because such happenings with no code of conduct aren’t acceptable anymore. Murdering someone in the name of honor is not right at all, but we’re happy that justice has been served and our court didn’t disappoint us.

This time, JUSTICE DELAYED BUT NOT DENIED!!! and that’s appreciable.


Here’s a great news for DC fans. Joker is finally releasing on 4th of October 2019… Yayyy!!!

And people have already booked their shows. We all know that DC is famous for their JOKER, so he is coming back to entertain us but according to trailers it looks like more of mixed emotions film rather than entertaining. The great joker role has been played by “Joaquin Phoenix” and this movie is directed by “Todd Phillips”. Movie has got a rating of 9.4/10 on IMDb and THIS IS HUGE MAN! We’re just waiting so eagerly for it. Even waiting for a single day has become harder.

Reviews for the film are already out and they have played a great role in making a WAIT HARD than before. Now let’s hope that it turns out to be ‘Worth The Wait’.

Critics have claimed Joaquin to be at his finest with this role and whole movie overall. This movie is also reflecting life of people who wear a mask of happiness and joy to hide their emotions and at the end of the day; they’re just completely different person when they are back home.

An effort to show this side of society is simply great to raise awareness among people. Media industry definitely did a good job, so appreciate guys…

We should be able to learn from it that how to be kind, polite, soft and good to others. We should understand that how hard lives we’re already living and now we should stop making it worse. Well so yeah, let’s just wait for the movie and then share your reviews here later about it.


14 August- A New Beginning

Pakistan, the land of pure, has both the political and the religious context. It would not wrong if said that the spark of struggle started thereafter the British rule in sub-continent.

After the downfall of Mughal Empire, several leaders arose to spread awareness of Muslim identity. Few of them were Shah Walli Ullah, Syed Ahmed Shaheed Brailvi, Haji Shariattullah and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. They all are well-known for their works and movements. Shah Walli Ullah wrote 28 books in Persian and 23 books in Arabic for the common man to inspire them join his movement. He removed the differences between Shia and Sunni and asked them to make united efforts. Later, Syed Ahmed Shaheed Brailvi started Jihad Movement to renaissance Islam in sub-continent which awakened the spirits of Muslims and united them against inhumane attitude of the enemies. Meanwhile Haji Shariattullah was also busy running his Faraizi Movement in Bengal. He found condition of Muslims miserable and were busy in non-Islamic activities. Muslims were unaware of teachings of Islam just because they were in a community where several religions were being practiced. Secondly, there was lack of education too. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan configured the reasons of such behavior and acts. So, he established a school where five languages including English were also taught. He worked on M.A.O High School and made it a college. In 1877, he upgraded the college into university. He did it because he knew Muslims can only compete with Hindus when they would have bettered education. His Aligarh Movement is remarkable when he spread awareness about the downfall of Mughal and results of Independence War after which Muslims were tortured by British and Hindus as well. He was the first one who stood for Urdu Language in sub-continent and proposed the ‘Two Nation Theory’. With these works, it was cleared enough that Muslims and Hindus cannot live together in peace. There should be separate land for the Religions/Nations. Both were different from each other on the basis of beliefs, rituals and as whole identify.

All Indian Congress was formed in 1885 and it never worked for the interest of Muslims but for their own interest- Subcontinent for Hindus only. With the passage of time Muslims came to know about their design. There were Muslims majority in several areas but Congress always tried to prove them as a minority. During the partition of Bengal too, British passed an order in the favor of Hindus and annul the partition of Bengal. Therefore, it became necessary for Muslims to stand with their identity and struggle for rights. All Muslim League party came into existence in 1906 to safeguard the rights of Muslims. Sir Salim ullah took the initiative to ask Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk to arrange meeting for ‘All India Muslim League’. There are many other names too associated with the struggle. Without any one member, it would have a dream to raise voice for Muslim rights. After the formation of ‘All India Muslim League’, they got success on every step and every step led them to formation of the pure land- Pakistan.

Quaid-e-Azam made huge struggle to earn this name. He started his journey with All India Muslim League in 1913 with an aim to rejoin Hindus and Muslims but later he found that Muslim deserved separate homeland. The party lost votes several times but they never loss their hope. They knew that there are Muslims majority in the sub-continent and they just need to spread awareness. Spreading awareness helped them to gain more seats in Legislative Assembly. There are numerous events in the history where the party made proposals and they got succeeded. Story of Pakistan not only includes the struggle but the sacrifices too; Sacrifices of food, animals, belonging and even of lives.

One of migrated families is of Syed Shamima Khatoon who migrated from India and settled in Islamabad. She shared her experience as she has sweet memories of the greatest divide of the sub-continent and some bitter memories related to the events occurred. Everyone was very excited to have their separate Muslim land. On the other hand, Hindus ensured that no one purchases any possession from the migrating families. So, it was depressing time for migrating families to leave their belongings in India and migrate to Pakistan with no money in hand. Usually, migrating families travelled at night to stay safe but Hindus and Sikhs made their way hardest. They used to kill and bribe migrating families and many males were slaughtered for saving the honor of females. It was heavy duty on bus drivers to take their passengers safely to safe passages. They used to drive over the scattered bodies. From those who arrived safe to railway station, many were bribed and killed on the way to Lahore. The females were raped and then killed. Families waiting on Lahore railway only found train full of dead bodies. There were some families which were missing and their loved ones never found their missed family members. The ones who were alive were unconscious. It was very difficult for the families to accept the reality. Even imagining this incident is horrifying!

A Pure Land, Pakistan was dream of Allama Iqbal. He was a great poet and a philosopher too. He used his poetry to spread awareness among Muslims for their Nationhood. His poetry reflected two Nation theory and Islamic Nationality. He stood by the side of Quaid-e-Azam and supported him. He was elected as the member of Punjab’s Legislative Assembly in 1926 and worked for Muslim’s identity. His Allahabad Address of 1930 gave the idea of independence to the Muslims of India. He died in 1938 but his dream did not give up. People sacrificed their belongings and migrated to Pakistan to make Allama Iqbal’s dream a reality.

Pakistan came into being on 14 August, 1947; A day that is celebrated as Independence Day in Pakistan. Many families migrated to Pakistan with no money in hand and many migrated without their love ones. They all faced this tragedy with lots of patience. They had lost everything except their faith! The faith and belief in Allah made it happen. Every year, these sacrifices and efforts are recalled and we salute our Heroes; Heroes are not only the leaders but the migrated families too who suffered a lot for the formation of Pakistan.

Long live Pakistan! <3

An expected punishment from Russia to India for helping Pakistan

Russia and India have had remained friendly from many decades and shared positive relationship. India recently has shown interest in Pakistan which Russia is not finding much appreciative. Some experts have even entitled the talk that Russia should take less interest in what India’s doing.

India is one the main buyers of Russian arms. Many reports and even the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute have reported India the largest arms importer from 2000 to 2014 in the world. It is not a secret that the share of Soviet weapons has made up 75% in India’s armed forces. It continued in 2015 too when Russia shipped arms and military equipments to India. The shipment was expected to be of $4 billion. Later in 2016, cost of $2 billion was budgeted for defence contracts and in 2017, the total imported arms from Russia to India, increased to $4 billion. India invested huge amount in these resources which ultimately benefited Russia.

India has very serious military plans and for the execution they have not only imported arms from Russia, but also from many countries of Europe, Israel and the USA. Pravda. Ru reported that ‘Washington would like to end the defence cooperation between Moscow and Dehli’. Other than this, Indian Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman said ‘We informed Russia that India is no longer a participant in this project, but at the same time we told the Russians that they could continue developing it on their own, and we could rejoin them at a later stage’. It portrays that India is stepping back to reduce their imports from Russia and mainly the military products.

The Indian Army is not finding Russian FGFA (Fifth-Generation Fighter Aircraft programme) meeting their requirement. So, they have released a special report which determines the factors hindering their effective performance, ‘Having studied all aspects of this project, we came to conclusion that it does not meet our requirements, since the FGFA will not be able to create an aircraft that will be able to demonstrate the performance close to that of American fighters US F-22 and F-35’.

The agreement for FGFA was signed in 2007 between Russia and India but the Indians never get satisfied with the high cost that was being invested in the cooperation programme and the outcome they were getting from it. They said the implementation was not as expected.

The response of Indian Ministry of Defence urged Russia to target Pakistan encouraging the sale of their Su-35 fighters. Deputy Director of the Russian Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Konstantin Makienko said, ‘We do not want to offend the Indians, but I believe that against the backdrop of India’s hesitation about the project of the 5th generation fighter, Russia should promote the Su-35 fighter jet in Pakistan. Otherwise, Chinese, South Korean or even Turkish companies will take this market in about five years’. He further said ‘India has removed all moral obligations from Russia with its behaviour, so Russia should get rid of self-restraint in its relations with Pakistan. In the past, we would often decline profitable contracts with Pakistan for the sake of India, but now we should follow our own interests of commercial profit’.

Talking about Pakistan’s fleet of military aircraft, there are mostly American and Chinese planes. Pakistan has a complicated relationship with Washington but an entrusted and corporative one with China. The question remains that whether Pakistan would build bond with Russia or stay successful with a Chinese corporation? If Pakistan is interest in the deal, India will be not happy with such development.

Fifth- Generation Fighter project failed but there are many other projects jointly of Russia-India that remained very successful i.e. Missile Technology, Aviation, Tanks and Naval Equipments etc. Therefore, Russia should make contracts for its own benefit and decide which partner (India or Pakistan) is more important.

Pakistan Cricket Board Awarded Central Contract to 33 Cricketers

On Monday in Lahore, PCB announced a list of 33 centrally contracted cricketers for 2018-2019 year. The names and categories of the players were suggested by the Central Contracts Selection Committee. This committee Consist of three persons, including, Mr. Haroon Rashid, the Director Cricket Operations, Inzamam-ul-Haq, the National Chief Selector and Mudassar Nazar, the Director Academies.

Najam Sethi, the Chairman PCB approved the names and the categories suggested by the committee. The 2017-2018 year was ending of the three year contract of financial formula agreed between PCB and the players. The Fresh 3-years financial (payment) agreement was signed between PCB and the enlisted players. According to new contract, PCB has raised the monthly payment of each category between 25-30%. Secondly, PCB has also increased payments of match fee by 20% with respect to every category. Thirdly, there would be percentage increase every year, upon which every player has agreed. Apart from this, a new category E is added to the Central Contract to encourage emerging talent of Pakistan. The new category will not only encourage new players but also help them to develop in cricket industry from junior level.

Categories A-E is enlisted below:

Category A: Azhar Ali, Shoaib Malik, Yasir Shah, Sarfraz Ahmed, Mohammad Amir and Babar Azam

Category B: Mohammad Hafeez, Asad Shafiq, Faheem Ashraf, Hasan Ali, Fakhar Zaman, Shadab Khan

Category C: Mohammad Abbas, Usman Khan Shinwari, Wahab Riaz , Haris Sohail, Imam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Nawaz, , Junaid Khan, Shan Masood and Imad Waseem

Category D: Rumman Raees, Rahat Ali, Asif Ali, Hussain Talat and Usman Salahuddin

Category E: Bilal Asif, Mohammad Rizwan, Saad Ali, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Mir Hamza, Sahibzada Farhan and Umaid Asif


PTI Nominated Imran Khan as Next Prime Minister of Pakistan

A meeting held on Monday in Islamabad, named the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan as the candidate of prime minister of the office. According to authentic sources, Shah Mehmood Qureshi nominated Imran Khan’s name for country’s top office. He moved that resolution which was accepted by all the members of the party.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Senior Vice President of PTI, is finalized as Speaker Nation Assembly, Pakistan and Imran Ismail is listed as Sindh Governor, Pakistan.

PTI is busy to rope in at least 9 independent candidates to PTI to get support of 177 legislators. Whole party is making the struggle to become successful.

There are more than 2 candidates for chief ministerial and federal cabinet posts. The news is not disclosed yet to the media that who would occupy the seats of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Fawad Chaudhary, Information Secretary of PTI claimed that his party is in a position to form the federal government. PTI got 174 seats in the legislature but after the promise of BNP-M’s support, PTI will have 177 seats. Election 2018 have resulted PTI as a single largest part with 116 MNAs.

Talking about the joint opposition; they have announced that they will forward the names of prime minister, speaker and deputy speaker according to their joint decision. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) have announced to notify the successful candidates of 2018 election on 7 August and after that, independent candidates will be given only three days to decide which political party they want to join. Following the schedule, on 11 August list of successful candidates will be disclosed. Further the president and the governors will confirm the dates of summon of the Provincial Assemblies and the National Assembly.

Voters on Their Way to Cast Vote

As per decision, voting began on 25 July, 2018 at 8 pm for electing 272 representatives to the National Assembly. There are total 85,000 polling stations that will close at 6 pm. 800,000 police and military men are equipped well to make this Election 2018 a successful one.

There are total 272 seats of National Assembly that needs to be filled and further will form a parliament for next five years. So, each voter has to cast two votes which include one for the national assembly and another for the provincial assembly. Each assembly will be formed of the four provinces- Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 60 seats out of 272 are reserved for woman representatives and 10 out of remaining are for minorities. These seats are allotted according to 5 % proportional representation.

Voters arriving polling stations are positively energized to see developed Pakistan in coming years. They know the importance of their vote and it seems all campaigns have done really well. In 2013, only 55% registered voters casted their votes but 2018 can be marked as a change.

Amna Bibi, aged 74, arrived polling station to cast her vote for Imran Khan, as she believes Imran Khan can bring change to Pakistan. On the same polling station, NA-125 (Lahore), Rabia Nusrat of age 45 years voted for PLMN because she found Nawaz Shareef convicted unjustly. So, there are mix views of the voters.

Uper Dir is located in northern side of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A change can be seen in Uper Dir too where for 40 years, women were not able to cast their votes due to exchange of gunfire on the day of election. This year there is more awareness among them and more security is provided to them to cast their valuable votes.

Another change can be marked as more than 9 Million new female voters are registered in Pakistan for Election 2018. For the purpose there are some mixed polling stations and some are only Female polling stations to encourage Female voters to cast their votes.

It is for the first time in Pakistan that 5 Transgender Women are standing as a candidate for both the assemblies. Other than this, Election Commission has given duty of observer to the member of the transgender community. There are more than 10,000 headcount of transgender in Pakistan out of which only 1913 are registered to vote.

Election 2018 has many changes but would it bring a real change to Pakistan?

Grief happenings tried to slow down Election 2018

These are the last few hours of voting in which leader for the next five years will be decided by the population of Pakistan. Along with energetic vote casting, some sorrow happenings have saddened the election environment.

A bomb blast targeted voters of Quetta, capital of Balochistan early in the morning. ISIS has claimed responsibility for this attack; nearly 29 people died in this blast and several are injured. Authorities further added that death rate may increase. After that incident, voters slowed down and people stopped visiting polling station due to prevailing attack. Police and military forces worked really hard to control the situation to reduce the fear of the voters. Quetta blast seems an apparent suicide bomb to disrupt the democratic process.
Secondly, one activist died and three got injured in Swabi (A city of northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). There was exchange of fire between PTI supports and ANP supporter. This incident threatened the turnout of Swabi’s voters.

Thirdly, a grenade attack was reported in Larkana, in Sindh province. Police investigated the area but no fatalities were reported so far. Larkana is the home of Bhutto family. After this attack, voters slowed down.

Police have reported that more than 15 people have wounded and killed throughout in Pakistan due to clash between the rival political supporters. There were total 800,000 police and military men for the security purposes. Still some unexpected events distress the citizens of Pakistan and become hurdles for casting votes.

PPP requested the Election Commission to take action against rigging whereas PLMN asked to extend one hour to cast votes as some incidents and weather conditions have affected the casting of votes.

Candidates for Pakistan’s Election 2018

After five years, again polling stations are crowed for election 2018 of Pakistan. Voters are casting votes for the betterment of Pakistan and are enthusiastic to know who would be the next one?

Election campaigns started early in June 2018 and every party made huge marketing efforts to spread awareness among voters. There are 105,955,407 registered voters in Pakistan; 46,731,145 Female voters and 59,224,262 Male voters. In 2013, only 55% registered voters casted their votes with a hope to see developed Pakistan in next few years. PLMN was the winner of 2013 Elections and they served the nation their best by attracting foreign investments, designing several policies and maintaining existing system. After completing five years tenure, population has again only one question, ‘In 2018, what would be the result?’
There are 110 registered political parties out of which only 30 are active enough to run the campaign of awareness but neck to neck competition is among PPP, PTI and PLMN.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is led by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who is the descendent of Bhutto family. At the age of 29, he is leading his party to retake the parliament. It would be his debut in Election 2018. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is an Oxord alumni just like his mother Benazir Bhutto and his grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He has fresh appeal to the party which motivates every member of PPP. PPP is quite confident to get more votes as compared to Election 2013 and for that they have made huge efforts. He is in the contest from NA-246 (Karachi South -1), Malakand and NA-200 (Larkana-1).

Pakistan Tehreek-e- Isaaf is led by Imran Khan who once was a cricketer. PTI remained opposition party in last five years next to PLMN. After 2013 election, he protested against election 2013 poll rigging and since then he is demonstrating corruption in PLMN. At the age of 65, he is running PTI with an aim “one system of justice, reduce poverty and elevate the living standards of the poor”. His party has ruled Khyber Pakhtunkwa for last five years. He is in the contest from NA-35 (Bannu), NA-53 (Islamabad), NA-95 (Mianwali), NA-243 (Karachi) and NA-131 (Lahore).

Pakistan Muslim League-N is led by Shehbaz Shareef who is a younger brother of Nawaz Shareef (Former Prime Minister of Pakistan). He is well-known for his administration and he remained chief Minister of Punjab for a decade. He started his career in 1988 as a member of Punjab Assembly. Several infrastructure projects were built under his persistence and he represented Pakistan at number of international events too. He is in the contest from NA-132 (Lahore), NA-249 (Karachi), NA-192 (Dera Ghazi Khan) and NA-3 (Swat).

25 July, 2018 would be a remarkable day for every citizen of Pakistan because it would make a history that who would be the next Prime Minister. Voters can cast their votes from 8am to 6pm on respective polling stations. There are total 85000 polling stations that are secured by approximately 800,000 police and military forces. Election 2018 will elect the national assembly and provincial assembly too.

First Pakistani Batsman To Enter Odi 200 Club- Fakhar Zaman (Pakistan’s Fakhar)

A guy who was born in Katlang in the Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has set the new trends in the cricket history of Pakistan. Following his matriculation, he has moved to Karachi and joined the Pakistan Navy School in 2007. But fate has decided something else for him and it took him in cricket.

Opener Fakhar Zaman has become the first Pakistani batsman to enter the 200 club in One-day International cricket when he scored an unbeaten 210 runs against Zimbabwe.

Zaman together with Imam-ul-Haq projected to the top with their amazing performance for scoring the highest opening ODI partnership after their captain Sarfraz Ahmed won the toss and decided to bat first in the fourth one-day international against Zimbabwe on Friday.

The duo made 304 runs to set a new world record of the highest opening stand, formerly held by Upul Tharanga and Sanath Jayasuriya who had scored 286 against England at Leeds in 2006.

Fakhar Zaman remained not out on 210 to see Pakistan set the hosts a huge target of 400 runs as they already won the series with 3-0 up by virtue of overwhelming Zimbabwe in the first three games.

Zaman’s opening partner Imam also hit a century – 113 off 122 balls with eight fours and then all rounder Asif Ali shattered three sixes and five fours in his unbeaten 50 from just 22 balls in an unbeaten second wicket stand of 95 runs with Zaman.

Zaman struck five sixes and 24 boundaries during his 156-ball stay at the groove. After Pakistan Captain Sarfraz Ahmed won the toss and batted, Zaman and Imam swiftly vindicating his decision, taking 59 from the opening Power play. It’s not only happy moment for Fakhar, but for the all country fellows who loves cricket from the core of their hearts <3