Films you ought to watch in July 2018!

This July is full of attention grabbing new releases, so get your popcorn steaming ready for a munch with crispy brand new Films. The ones that you shouldn’t let yourself miss are mentioned below:


We all have heard of the world famous name- Whitney Houston, which attained its peak of fame through a song that captured hearts of many “I will always love you”, but what happened to her behind the curtains of all the glitz and glam? Kevin Macdonald attempts to answer this question about the classic diva in his documentary. Nicholas Barber, a member of BBC culture from Cannes reviewed it four out of five stars and mentioned about the shocking revelation in end by saying, “But just when Whitney seems to be no more than the latest entry in the ‘little girl blue’ genre, it reaches its ‘Rosebud’ moment.” In the documentary, Macdonald interviews many people who are close to the singer including her ex-husband Bobby Brown and a famous record producer Clive Davis. Macdonald has made narrative dramas as well such as ‘The last king of Scotland’ which faced criticism because of telling the story of Idi Amin from the perspective of a white onlooker. None the less, he is one of the best when it comes to documentaries and he is responsible for producing the best such as Marley, touching the void, and one day in September. Nicholas Barber mentions that in Whitney, Macdonald “suggests she was cursed and blessed from the day she was born.” The documentary has been released on the 6th of July in Poland, Spain, US, UK, Sweden,and Ireland.

Don’t worry, he won’t get far on foot

Gus Van Sant was on the top about ten years ago. His movie ‘Milk’ was a hit among the critics and even succeeded in winning two Oscars in different categories, one for the best actor award for Sean Penn and the other for being the best original screenplay. But after that, he faced three commercial and critical disasters. This recent effort seems like it will work on correcting his previous disasters as it was an official selection at Berlin film festivals and Sundance earlier this year. This film narrates the story of an addict, John Callahan who got paralyzed in his early twenties as a result of a car crash, he carried on with his life and became famous and ultimately a famously controversial cartoonist. Though Callahan’s drawings faced controversy and at times charges of insensitivity but in 1992 he responded to The New York Times as “My only compass for whether I’ve gone too far is the reaction I get from people in wheelchairs, or with hooks for hands. Like me, they are fed up with people who presume to speak for the disabled.” The artist died in 2010 and his character is being portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. Tim Grierson of Screen International while assessing Phoenix’s performance wrote at Sundance that it’s “raw, wiry performance never strives for greatness, which only makes it all the more affecting” and also that “the movie radiates considerable compassion”. It is to be released on the 13th of July in the US, 20th July in Canada and on 27th July in Estonia.


A 1993 television play directed by Shunji Iwai was an inspiration for this animated remake version. It displays a love triangle between two boys Yûsuke and Norimichiand a girl named Nazuna. The girl is on the edge of leaving town with her quarrelsome parents that is when she challenges both the boys to a swimming race, the winner has to do whatever she asks for, and she also plays to run away from her home. The imaginative remake of the story by the director AkiyukiShinbo has many fantasy elements that unravel along the way as the story proceeds including time travel, it is a major mood shifting ride!. Mark Schilling, a member of The Japan Times defines it as a “pure-hearted love story” and further says that “nails it again and again.” It has been released on the 3rd of July in Canada and the US.

Generation Wealth

Photographer and film-maker of the laser-sharp documentary ‘The Queen of Versailles’, Lauren Greenfield won acclaim for it in 2012. This documentary recounts about a filthy rich couple who is trying to build a home in the US with their extravagant riches which is in real terms the largest privately owned home, it was on the verge of collapse due to the 2008 financial crisis. Now in her non-fiction essay film ‘Generation Wealth’, Greenfield is broadening her focus by getting deep into the question of what it actually means to be rich in the US today. The film emphasizes on the US public’s delight with a public display of wealth and how it has played a part in electing Donald Trump as a president, it shows that how the mere definition of wealth keeps shifting. Nikki Baughan, a member of Screen International quotes: “The result is both a compelling, damning cultural observation and testament to Greenfield’s own visual artistry.”To give you one more reason to watch is the question of whether Greenfield has resisted the urge to feature ‘Money maker’ by Ludacris as a sound track at one point or another, give it a go and find it out! It is to be released on the 20th of July in the US and Canada.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ending with a thrilling and dark cliffhanger ever delivered, Avengers: Infinity War emerged as a block buster where the Mad Titan Thanos took lives of the half of all the living creatures in the universe and snapped his fingers in a bonkers attempt of achieving “balance”, it got so famous that it even inspired a meme “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.” Delivered by the vanishing spiderman. Do not keep any expectations from Marvel Studio’s new film of getting answers to the question of what happens next,however, Ant-man and the wasp is filmed over the situation and time before Thanos killed half of the universe and parallel to its heroes, it is a pre-decided small scale issue. The character Scott Lang played by Paul Rudd steals a suit which has the capability to shrink to the size of an aunt and also has the tendency to increase his size and blow him up into a giant, he creates an alliance with Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp in order to catch a criminal who has the ability to phase through walls. There is a word around that it is a light headed comedy and while mentioning this factor Steven Weintraub of Collider says that it is “a tonne of fun and had the crowd laughing from beginning to end and Slashfilm’s Peter Sciretta saying it’s “at its best when it’s almost an over-the-top silly comedy.” Hence it is safe to say that there is no insect repellent required for this one. It has been released on the 4th of July in Singapore, South Korea,and the Philippines, 5th of July in Australia and Brazil whereas on the 13th in India.

Mamma-Mia: Here we go again

Pierce Brosnan dancing in flippers is a sight that has haunted many! He is now back on the screen with almost everyone else in the sequel to the movie version of a 2008 musical which grossed to a grand amount of $615 million worldwide. This time in the movie Amanda Seyfried’s Sophie is playing as a pregnant woman and the focus of the movie alters between present where Meryl Steep is playing as her mother Donna, and past scenario of a few decades earlier played by Lilly James when her mother was pregnant with her. Multiple songs are being used up from the first film and being recycled for the new one though there are still some new additions to the mix as well including knowing me, Fernando, knowing you, one of us but sadly not the writer’s favorite track, Tropical Loveland.This is most definitely going to be huge and a great year for Abba since the reformed group has promised some brand new music. The group’s Björn and Benny Andersson have been striving to revive their musical chess of 1986 in the US and UK. The celebs haven’t yet met their Waterloo. It is being released on 19th July in Brazil, the Netherlands and Australia whereas on the 20th in the US, Vietnam, South Africa,and the UK.

Under the tree

Played at the Sundance festival, the film ‘Rams’ of 2015 transformed the Icelandic Cinema and shifted it to a new era, full of drama and psychological complexity, this film stood shoulder to shoulder with any other well-known and popularized film being generated from Denmark, Norway,and Sweden. Now directed by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson comes ‘Under the tree’ breaking the edge yet again. Taking into account a feud among neighbors grippingly escalating for the removal of a tree. Guy Lodge a member of Variety quotes, “It has the escalating, claustrophobic structure of the darkest farce, but humour doesn’t pile up in Under the Tree so much as it bleeds out,” whereas Deborah Young of The Hollywood Reporter states, “The film’s near-perfect calibration between family drama and black comedy… projects a distinctive voice.” It has been released on 5th July in Denmark and on 6th July in the US.

Mission: Impossible- Fallout

Ethan Hunt has turned out to be a match of James Bond, two of the last entries of the Mission: Impossible series, subtitles Rogue Nation and Ghost Protocol, have been the pivot of majorly Kinetic art rather than a conventional action film, aside from the exceptional sky fall, have flown, parachuted, swum and motored encircling around the bond franchise and as a matter of fact every other Hollywood series as well. The Fallout and Rogue Nation director, Christopher McQuarrie is this sixth movie and so have many other actors from preceding films with the inclusion of Sean Harris and Michelle Monaghan (who played as Ethan Hunt’s fiancée in the third part of Mission: Impossible). But most of all the top of the world star Tom Cruise who comes with more refined stunts with every new release of the film, risking his life and muscle shows that there is nothing more satisfying in the rest of the CGI action-movie landscape. It is being released on the 26th of July in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Israel whereas on the 27th in Pakistan, Canada, India and the US.

A prayer before Dawn

Billy Moore, a criminal born in Liverpool spent his young adulthood in prisons for 15 years which included a 3 year stint spent in Klong Prem in Thailand. He transformed his experience into a personal memoir namely ‘A prayer before Dawn’, it has now come out as a film that tells a story of his experience and his competitions in boxing matches while his stay at Klong Prem. Peaky Blinders’ Joe Cole, the actor who portrays the character of Moore took lessons of the Muay Thai boxing style from Moore himself in Liverpool for optimal authenticity. So far the response from critics has been ecstatic. Fionnuala Halligan of Screen International discusses Cole’s performance explaining that “he gives everything to this role… with a] deep internal reach to deliver a complex, defiantly self-sabotaging character.”The Hollywood Reporter’s member Leslie Felperin speaks high of the film making and quotes while praising: “It dwells with almost swooning rapture on the bodies of young men as they mete out brutal violence on one another, and features a cast composed mostly of unknowns, impressively coached in order to deliver arresting turns onscreen.” It is being released in Portugal on 19th July and in the UK on the 20th.

This looks like a whole month packed with a joyous bundle of goodies! So keep your pockets ready for cinema tickets and keep a track on releasing dates, Enjoy!

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