Grief happenings tried to slow down Election 2018

These are the last few hours of voting in which leader for the next five years will be decided by the population of Pakistan. Along with energetic vote casting, some sorrow happenings have saddened the election environment.

A bomb blast targeted voters of Quetta, capital of Balochistan early in the morning. ISIS has claimed responsibility for this attack; nearly 29 people died in this blast and several are injured. Authorities further added that death rate may increase. After that incident, voters slowed down and people stopped visiting polling station due to prevailing attack. Police and military forces worked really hard to control the situation to reduce the fear of the voters. Quetta blast seems an apparent suicide bomb to disrupt the democratic process.
Secondly, one activist died and three got injured in Swabi (A city of northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). There was exchange of fire between PTI supports and ANP supporter. This incident threatened the turnout of Swabi’s voters.

Thirdly, a grenade attack was reported in Larkana, in Sindh province. Police investigated the area but no fatalities were reported so far. Larkana is the home of Bhutto family. After this attack, voters slowed down.

Police have reported that more than 15 people have wounded and killed throughout in Pakistan due to clash between the rival political supporters. There were total 800,000 police and military men for the security purposes. Still some unexpected events distress the citizens of Pakistan and become hurdles for casting votes.

PPP requested the Election Commission to take action against rigging whereas PLMN asked to extend one hour to cast votes as some incidents and weather conditions have affected the casting of votes.

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