How sports can benefit your well-being

In the era where everything can be done by just a tap on your phone, physical/outdoor activities and sports are highly underrated. Children and adults mostly prefer to spend their leisure time on social media, which results not only in obesity but also many other risk factors.

It would be surprising for you to know that obesity and low self-esteem and closely related. According to a study in June 2012 “There were many different psychological and social health benefits reported, with the most commonly being improved self-esteem, social interaction followed by fewer depressive symptoms. Sport may be associated with improved psychosocial health above and beyond improvements. It is recommended that community sports participation is advocated as a form of leisure time PA for children and adolescents, in an effort to not only improve physical health in relation to such matters as the obesity crisis but also to enhance psychological and social health outcomes”


To enlighten you on what is best is my utmost priority every time. So today after a good research I have ruled out certain health benefits of those individuals who practice sports and disadvantages of those who don’t. If you are from either of the categories, reading this article will increase your knowledge. Just keep reading the article below:

Advantages of sports:

Healthy weight management:

Obesity is the growing concern of everybody now days and the root causes are uncountable. But if you spend at least one hour in any sporty activity then you can easily maintain a healthy body weight. It can be a long walk or vigorous training in the gym, anything that makes you sweat properly. People who regularly play sports have a fitter body.

Keeps heart diseases at bay:

The more your muscles are stretched and exercised, the lesser are chances of malfunctioning of heart. When you work out or play any kind of sports, your heart pumps blood faster hence even lessening the chances of clotting in arteries. High blood is another cause of various heart disease or stroke. Being active in sports can prevent that.

Balanced cholesterol level:

High level of LDL has a direct link with many deadly diseases, and this important health factor is often looked over. According to a research, LDL or bad cholesterol level in people who do not practice sports or indulge themselves in some physical activity was found remarkably high while the ones who did had the appropriate level of HDL or good cholesterol.

Improved blood circulation:

Blood circulation improves when you play sports, and the body remains well oxygenated. And when healthy, well oxygenated blood is distributed to throughout the body, their functionality will be enhanced in a healthy manner. Hence keeping your immune system less vulnerable towards catching viruses and bad bacteria. Being physically active can also increase the hemoglobin count and the volume of blood.

Fact: low hemoglobin count results in anemia, which causes many instabilities in the proper functionality of the body.

Strong immunity:

When your immune system is weak, you are prone to become sick easily. Regular exercise and sports build up a strong immunity that helps the body to fight against bad bacteria and viruses and maintain a level of good bacteria within the body. When sweat production is increased during sports, it also removes harmful toxins from the body, due to the rise in temperature the growth of harmful bacteria lessens. The rate at which white blood cells reach every body part increases significantly while exercising.

Positive attitude towards life:

When you exercise, you feel fresh and even more energetic. It creates a zing that motivates you to do tasks that you hate to do so due to laziness. As it revitalizes your mind as well, a sense of positivity is created within your own self.

Boosted self-esteem:

When you play any particular sports, certain chemicals are released from your brain, making you feel relaxed and elevates your mood. When you feel good about the things you do, your self-esteem is automatically boosted. And it has a vital role in healthy functioning socially as well as biologically.

Setting goals:

When you set certain goals that you want to achieve in sports every day, it gives you the motivation that no matter how bigger goal you set, at the end of the day you can achieve it! It is like believing in your own self rather than seeking approval from every corner in the society.

Decreased stress, happy mood:

When you exercise, certain chemicals are produced in your brain out one is endorphins. You would be wondering what it does? Endorphins are the chemical responsible to make us feel happy and contented. When you feel happy, lesser are the chances of stress and depression.

Disadvantages of not practicing sports:

Coronary heart diseases:

Your heart needs well oxygenated and toxin free blood to function properly if you are not giving it what it needs then how can you expect that it won’t catch any disease?

Flabby body:

A firm and shipshape body is sexier and charming if you have firm flesh and well-toned muscles it will have a great impact on your personality. On the hand flabby figure makes you older than your age no matter how young you are.

Over weight:

The most worrisome issue among every age of the person is obesity. Hypertension, hormonal imbalance, heart diseases, depression and other countless illnesses take birth from obesity. Does your weight concern you too?

Low stamina:

When you have low stamina, you cannot be productive in any activity you put your hand in. you will feel tired after working little. You will need repeated naps to function all day long. And it will definitely hinder your life to a great deal.

Poor psychological health:

When you have a poor physical health it directly effects your mental health. Firstly, the release of sufficient chemicals in the brain is hindered due to less or no exercise. Secondly, if you have a bad reflection of your body in your own view it will make you feel hopeless. Think to yourself, if you have a poor physical and psychological health then what kind of life are you living? Is it worth it?

After a good insight in this matter, I hope you are enough motivated to do something about your health through sports.

Tip: while playing sports, it is always better to consume detox that will fasten the process of removing harmful toxins from your body. You can find many easy and quick recipes for making your own detox all over the net.
Happy exercising! 😉

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