Investigation Report of Askari Park’s Incident Disclosed the Reasons of Failure

A swing accident on 16 July, 2018 in Karachi left everyone speechless about the incident. The swing named ‘Monster’ fell due to its broken bolts. It was 16-seater ride in which one teenage girl Kashaf of 14 years died and several other children wounded. According to Commissioner Karachi Saleh Farooqi, his team would inquire the incident as soon as possible and get the reason for it.  He further added, “If a criminal element was present, it would be presented during the investigation. The investigation would be conducted in a clear-cut manner.” The park was announced to remain closed until a complete technical check-up of the park. Addition to that, he explained to take legal action against the park’s administration.

According to investigation report of Askari Park’s swing accident, incident happened due to ill-fittings of the swing. The report elaborated that the swing was already in use in China and it was imported from there. Secondly, the operating staff of swing was neither well trained nor was well qualified for the job. Altogether, highlighted reasons were usage of low quality material, inappropriate wielding and misfit net bolts that caused severe incident.

The managerial staff of the park is instructed to work according to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), but the stake holders, audit team and operating staff would be held accountable for installing such swing in the park.

The park will reopen after a serious inspection of all installed swings to avoid an unpleasant event in future.


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