New Gadgets you can own to play your part in making this world eco-friendly

Since the day we moved towards progressive industrialization, we became friends with big dollars and an enemy to our beloved planet. Though we have enhanced our way of lives with countless products to save time and provide us with ease but this fact fails to hide the reality that our earth is being damaged with every second of industrial activity and every minute of use of carbon emitting products. Today the carbon footprint is way too huge to end it all together. It can only be done little by little and with every person’s co-operation. We are hyper-consumers of limitless products, we can at least play our part and buy those products which will not only cater to our needs but will also be eco- friendly. Following are some gadgets which we can incorporate in your lives and caress mother earth:

Anker PowerPort Solar

This substitutes a portable battery pack which is used to charge phones and tablets. Solar power port developed by Anker company uses the most abundant and natural form of energy- the Sun! It has the capability to charge two gadgets at the same time and can be easily folded to fit your bag hence it is highly portable and light in weight as compared to other battery packs.

Mohu ReLeaf Antenna

One of the greatest benefits of this eco-friendly device is that it has amazing reception but what actually sets it apart is the fact that it is made up of crushed cable boxes! Hence it is recycling at its best, even the antennas are made of 30% recycled cardboard, and the rest of the box has the tendency to open and double into a stand for the people who do not want it mounted on a wall.

Phillips Hue Motion Sensor

Leaving lights on when not in the room, sounds familiar? Yes! We all do this shamefully, this act results in wasting energy without any productive use. Phillips motion sensor helps to solve this problem and acts as a great asset for energy conservation. It senses movement and turns on the lights and when no motion is sensed it turns them off. It controls the lights through Wifi, its installation can come in handy especially for the people who have kids in their homes who are careless about turning on and off the energy consuming devices.

House of Marley Chant mini

Love music? Love to hear it loud? You must own a speaker or must be planning to buy one, eh? Well, this is a perfect eco solution to cater your audio needs. Its green features include recyclable aluminum and plastic, canvas fabric, cotton, and FSC- certified bamboo. Not only is it friendly to the Earth, stylish but also sounds great, producing crisp highs and warm bass.


Most of the accumulated carbon in the world is because of un-monitored motor emissions. ‘Automatic’ can help in cutting it down, it is a revolutionary device which can be plugged into a vehicle’s on board diagnostics port and it senses your driving activities such as stepping on the gas too fast or using brakes too hard. It can transform your driving habits through beeps and alerts in the app and as a result, it can save a lot of gas consumption, your money, as well the wear and tear of your car can be minimized. It can either be synched with a smart phone or rely completely on 3G.


Sprinklers and watering hoses can waste a lot of water if not monitored properly, ‘Blossom’ can provide a complete solution to a garden’s watering needs as, unlike conventional sprinklers that run on a fixed schedule it keeps a track of location, weather forecast and the type of plantation in each sprinkler’s zone. Each sprinkler can be customized according to needs and can be controlled using a smartphone.


Though the Earth is rapidly moving towards degeneration but eco-solutions give us a hope for a sustainable environment, we should all join hands in saving our planet and move towards green solutions.

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