People of Pakistan awaiting new Petroleum Prices

There is increase in the use of petroleum in Pakistan and from past few years this trend is increasing tremendously. People are using their private transport more than public ones and due to which traffic issues and use of petroleum both are increasing. In this situation, OGRA (The Oil and Gas Authority) has proposed to increase the petrol prices. The summary of this proposal is forwarded to caretaker government and it will decide by 30th June, 2018.

Taking in concern, caretaker government had already made an announcement of increase in petrol prices by Rs 4.26 per liter, diesel by Rs 6.55 per liter and kerosene by 4.46 per liter on 11 June, 2018. This implementation was for the period 11 June, 2018 to midnight of 30 June 2018.

The regulatory body has proposed an increase of Rs 5.40 per liter for petrol, Rs 6.20 per liter for diesel and Rs 12 per liter for kerosene. If this proposal gets accepted so the new prices will be Rs 97.36 per liter for petrol, Rs 111.51 per liter for diesel and Rs 96.34 for kerosene.

This is economic burden on the masses when elections are near. Instead of making policies for fair elections, they are busy in increasing petroleum prices. Ministry of finance will announce new prices of petroleum at the midnight of 30 June, 2018. People of Pakistan are waiting for new petroleum prices.

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