Few years ago, we have witnessed a huge case of honor killing of famous model QANDEEL BALOCH. She was killed brutally by her own brother in the name of honor. It was truly unacceptable in every way. People protested, voices were raised on social media and did as much as they could for it. Then FINALLYY, this case was taken to Supreme Court. Now, we have heard recently that Supreme Court has given their final decision over this case.

Supreme Court has announced 25 years jail to her brother for her murder and they have set an example of justice once again. They condemned that if any accident like this happens again, serious actions will be taken because such happenings with no code of conduct aren’t acceptable anymore. Murdering someone in the name of honor is not right at all, but we’re happy that justice has been served and our court didn’t disappoint us.

This time, JUSTICE DELAYED BUT NOT DENIED!!! and that’s appreciable.

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