Robots inside Your Body


According to the latest news, robots have been in the making to serve science and medicine. Professor David Zarrouk, with his team of mechanical engineering from Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva, Israel, are building a robot that crawls down your body.

This robot will have a motor to power its worm like wiggling. The data is collected on the robot’s precise position in the body through small electronic sensors. This robot can crawl through the stomach and intestines without harming them because it has been also provided with a smooth artificial skin like texture for this purpose.

This robot is named SAW, it is also known as Warm-bot. SAW, is an abbreviation for single-actuator wave robot. Professor Zarrouk had been working on this innovation since the year 2015 and he finally got it done. He has always been interested in making small unusual robotics. He also mentioned in his introduction about the robot that even if SAW breaks down in your body the digestive system will excrete it out without any damage done.

Currently, SAW is being tested in the intestines of pigs by Zarrouk. A local cooperative farm donated the intestines. The engineers are now working to manipulate the size of the robot, the smaller the better, they believe. But strong enough to do it’s job. Zarrouk hopes to get the device ready this year to be tried on humans.

Previously we had cameras only, which would go down in our body and get pictures for the doctors but that wasn’t enough. Now the doctors and mechanical researchers are gathering up to produce such robots which will deliver medicines in our body on their command or even take a piece of our tissue for Biopsy. Such electronic devices will make medical procedures safer and efficient. They will also render new ideas and enhance the medical field overall.


Researchers from Boston, Mass has presented us with another interesting innovation, a robot that will unfold on the site, like an umbrella. Their intention was to create a mini device that would slide down the gut with least resistance.

Daniela Rus, an electrical engineering and computer science professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, speaks that it is an Origami-style robot. Moreover, she said that this robot can be manipulated into the size of a tablet.

The robot is ingested in a cold, ice-like state, and once it is down your gut it starts to melt. After melting it is activated and unfolded. Then it initiates it’s movement. The engineers in Rus’s lab, tried moving this robot with a magnetic force outside the body. They are currently working on it. The robot moves wherever the doctor instructs it to. For now it is just a prototype, but they have their hopes high for it. According to Rus, this robot can help us to take Biopsy and also to remove sores, called ulcers from bleeding. It will also of course deliver medicine to any part of the body easily. This robot will also be beneficial for kids and toddlers to remove small pins or objects that our kids often swallow while playing. Rus further says that she’s excited to use these mini-surgeons.

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