Pakistan Cricket Board Awarded Central Contract to 33 Cricketers

On Monday in Lahore, PCB announced a list of 33 centrally contracted cricketers for 2018-2019 year. The names and categories of the players were suggested by the Central Contracts Selection Committee. This committee Consist of three persons, including, Mr. Haroon Rashid, the Director Cricket Operations, Inzamam-ul-Haq, the National Chief Selector and Mudassar Nazar, the Director Academies.

Najam Sethi, the Chairman PCB approved the names and the categories suggested by the committee. The 2017-2018 year was ending of the three year contract of financial formula agreed between PCB and the players. The Fresh 3-years financial (payment) agreement was signed between PCB and the enlisted players. According to new contract, PCB has raised the monthly payment of each category between 25-30%. Secondly, PCB has also increased payments of match fee by 20% with respect to every category. Thirdly, there would be percentage increase every year, upon which every player has agreed. Apart from this, a new category E is added to the Central Contract to encourage emerging talent of Pakistan. The new category will not only encourage new players but also help them to develop in cricket industry from junior level.

Categories A-E is enlisted below:

Category A: Azhar Ali, Shoaib Malik, Yasir Shah, Sarfraz Ahmed, Mohammad Amir and Babar Azam

Category B: Mohammad Hafeez, Asad Shafiq, Faheem Ashraf, Hasan Ali, Fakhar Zaman, Shadab Khan

Category C: Mohammad Abbas, Usman Khan Shinwari, Wahab Riaz , Haris Sohail, Imam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Nawaz, , Junaid Khan, Shan Masood and Imad Waseem

Category D: Rumman Raees, Rahat Ali, Asif Ali, Hussain Talat and Usman Salahuddin

Category E: Bilal Asif, Mohammad Rizwan, Saad Ali, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Mir Hamza, Sahibzada Farhan and Umaid Asif


Christiano Ronaldo will be seen ‘Off the Pitch’ In A Reality Show

Chirstiano Ronaldo is a wonderful football player who has set records while playing for either team- Manchester United or Real Madrid. He always remained professional in every match and his efforts never let his team down. He has more than 120 Million followers over his official page and is one the most- recognized sports celebrities in the world. With all the achievements, he is now reported being the lead character in a reality show. According to Variety, Ronaldo is in business with Face book which could earn $10 Million to Portuguese player.

Face book has ordered a script for the serial that will be based on girls’ soccer team of diverse high- school. This theme will lead society think beyond racial, class and ethnic differences because above all the unity matters. In this serial, girls of diverse culture will play as a team for their high- school. This documentary series will be of 13 episodes inspired by Ronaldo’s real life.
In initial batch of Face book Watch originals, Sports related programs have done very well. It attracted more than 1.5 Million followers and made it huge success. Due to which Face book is planning to cast Ronaldo- the Soccer Superstar.

According to several sources, Ronaldo’s reality show would follow ‘Tom vs. Time’ show pattern. ‘Tom vs. Time’ was played in January, 2018 on Face book Watch just before Brady with his team got defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles. It was viewed 52 Million times on Face Book. That show was produced by ‘Religion of Sports’ and Ronaldo’s new show also will be produced by them. So, Face book is expecting this show to be a huge success and will break previous Face book Watch follower’s records.

Representatives of Face book, Religion of Sports and CAA have declined to comment on it but are you ready to watch Ronaldo off the pitch?

The qualified teams for Round 16: FIFA World Cup 2018

The knockout stage of the FIFA began on Saturday with a face-off between Argentina and France leaving the Messi fans broken hearted as Argentina faced a defeat from France.

The world-wide hype of the football fever is halfway through as the world cup is over the group stage. The on-going FIFA World Cup 2018 has witnessed nail biting matches with last minute victories and loads of penalties. The fair play rule also came into action when Senegal became the first ever team in the tournament’s history to be tossed out of the championship on the basis of the yellow cards that they received.

The World cup was also bundled with surprises for the fans as the previous year’s world champions had to bid their goodbye unexpectedly while playing against South Korea. The team of Poland played disappointing matches too, it finished last in its group and won only one match.

In the FIFA World Cup 2018, the following teams secured their positions for 16th round:

  • Uruguay (winners of Group A)
  • Russia (runners-up in Group A)
  • Spain (winners of Group B)
  • Portugal (runners-up in Group B)
  • France (winners of Group C)
  • Denmark (runners-up in Group C)
  • Croatia (winners of Group D)
  • Argentina (runners-up in Group D)
  • Brazil (winners in Group E)
  • Switzerland (runners-up in Group E)
  • Sweden (winners in Group F)
  • Mexico (runners-up in Group F)
  • Belgium (winners in Group G)
  • England (runners-up in Group G)
  • Colombia (winners in Group H)
  • Japan (runners-up in Group H)

Now we will tread over to the progressing teams and take a look to the ones being qualified for the knockout round:

  • Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt 0-1 Uruguay
  • Russia 3-1 Egypt
  • Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia
  • Uruguay 3-0 Russia
  • Saudi Arabia 2-1 Egypt
  • Ultimately Uruguay and Russia made it to the next round.

  • Morocco 0-1 Iran
  • Portugal 3-3 Spain
  • Portugal 1-0 Morocco
  • Iran 0-1 Spain
  • Spain 2-2 Morocco
  • Iran 1-1 Portugal
  • Spain and Portugal proceeded to the knockout round.

  • France 2-1 Australia
  • Peru 0-1 Denmark
  • Denmark 1-1 Australia
  • France 1-0 Peru
  • Australia 0-2 Peru
  • Denmark 0-0 France

France and Denmark went further on with the World cup.

  • Argentina 1-1 Iceland
  • Croatia 2-0 Nigeria
  • Argentina 0-3 Croatia
  • Nigeria 2-0 Iceland
  • Nigeria 1-2 Argentina
  • Iceland 1-2 Croatia

Croatia and Argentina further made it to round 16.

  • Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia
  • Brazil 1-1 Switzerland
  • Brazil 2-0 Costa Rica
  • Serbia 1-2 Switzerland
  • Serbia 0-2 Brazil
  • Switzerland 2-2 Costa Rica

Brazil and Switzerland got victorious in qualifying for the next round

  • Germany 0-1 Mexico
  • Sweden 1-0 Korea Republic
  • Korea Republic 1-2 Mexico
  • Germany 2-1 Sweden
  • Korea Republic 2-0 Germany
  • Mexico 0-3 Sweden

Sweden and Mexico moved on to the next round.

  • Belgium 3-0 Panama
  • Tunisia 1-2 England
  • Belgium 5-2 Tunisia
  • England 6-1 Panama
  • Panama 1-2 Tunisia
  • England 0-1 Belgium

The victors were Belgium and England

  • Colombia 1-2 Japan
  • Poland 1-2 Senegal
  • Japan 2-2 Senegal
  • Poland 0-3 Colombia
  • Japan 0-1 Poland
  • Senegal 0-1 Colombia

Columbia and Japan proceeded to round 16.

Schedule for the knockout round:

The schedule that was devised after the group stage as per Pakistan Standard time is as follows:

France vs ArgentinaSaturday30th June7 PM
Uruguay vs PortugalSaturday30th June11 PM
Spain vs RussiaSunday1st July7 PM
Croatia vs DenmarkSunday1st July11 PM
Brazil vs MexicoMonday2nd July7 PM
Belgium vs JapanMonday2nd July11 PM
Sweden vs SwitzerlandTuesday3rd July7 PM
Colombia vs EnglandTuesday3rd July11 PM

The knockout round will end by Tuesday and the quarter final round will begin on Friday, 6th July. Let’s see what a turn this unexpected match will take, keep your fingers crossed!

Germany deserved being kicked out of the World Cup 2018!!

Joachim Low, the German football team’s coach admits that Germany deserved being kicked out of the World Cup 2018!!

Although the competition is presently in the group stage but the current world cup is being called as one of the best editions ever. The critics and cynics proposed that including the ‘sub-par’ teams would result in ruining the very essence of the game, but the competition has proved to be going the other way around as one of the best performances in the World cup have been displayed by those very teams.

In the recent events one of the most upsetting and shocking turn has taken place. One of the leading world champions- Germany has been eliminated from the 2018 FIFA world cup by facing a spectacular and shocking defeat by South Korea. The entire world was left baffled when the South Koreans gave their best in the injury time and in the time window of only four minutes, they scored two goals! A goal could have sent the Germans in round 16 but the Asians blew their plans off in a matter of a few minutes.

This is the first time for the Germans in 80 YEARS that they have been eliminated from the game in only group stage, quite a shocker huh?

The finalist of previous year, Argentina also hardly managed to qualify in further rounds after starting off terribly.

After facing the horrible and sudden defeat, Joachim Low, the German team’s coach admitted to the fact that his team deserved to go out of the World Cup, quoting:

“This is something for us to reckon with. This is historic and I am sure it will create an uproar back home.

At this tournament we didn’t deserve to win again or move to the round of 16. We were eliminated not because we didn’t want to win but we never had the chance to take a lead at any point – we were always lagging behind, trying to keep up.”

The outcome:

Opposite to what the Germans are initially famous for, they started their game in a quite a lousy way. They got taught a lesson in terms of gameplay and talent by way inferior Mexican side, then after that, they hardly managed to gain three points against Sweden after a free kick by Toni Kroos, they kept their hopes alive.

In the previous match they only had to see off the ‘inexperienced’ South Korean team towards the knockout stage. But though the fate of the Koreans was already decided, they played against the Germans with full determination, ambition and motivation which was lacking in their opposing team.

The results of Germany in group F stood as:

  • Germany 0-1 Mexico
  • Germany 2-1 Sweden
  • South Korea 2-0 Germany

The rankings:

The standings in Germany’s group stands as the following now:

  1. Sweden
  2. Mexico
  3. South Korea
  4. Germany

Korea and Germany ought to go back home whereas Sweden and Mexico will progress to the next round.

The curse of the Champions:

It has been a consistent series of events where the defense of the title of former year’s champions becomes impossible and Germany has not been able to break this curse. In the year 1998, France became the world cup winner but in the next game in 2002, got eliminated in the group stage. The sequence continued when in 2006, Italy became the world champion but got eliminated in the next world cup in the group stage. Then the same thing happened with Spain as it became World Champion for the first time in 2010 and in 2014 the curse worked upon the team as well by eliminating it in the group round.

The four-time world cup trophy winning German team took the trophy home in 2014 and faced the fate of all the cursed Champions and went back without qualifying the group stage.

Who wins this year, and whether becomes successful in breaking the curse or not? We have our fingers crossed.

People of Pakistan awaiting new Petroleum Prices

There is increase in the use of petroleum in Pakistan and from past few years this trend is increasing tremendously. People are using their private transport more than public ones and due to which traffic issues and use of petroleum both are increasing. In this situation, OGRA (The Oil and Gas Authority) has proposed to increase the petrol prices. The summary of this proposal is forwarded to caretaker government and it will decide by 30th June, 2018.

Taking in concern, caretaker government had already made an announcement of increase in petrol prices by Rs 4.26 per liter, diesel by Rs 6.55 per liter and kerosene by 4.46 per liter on 11 June, 2018. This implementation was for the period 11 June, 2018 to midnight of 30 June 2018.

The regulatory body has proposed an increase of Rs 5.40 per liter for petrol, Rs 6.20 per liter for diesel and Rs 12 per liter for kerosene. If this proposal gets accepted so the new prices will be Rs 97.36 per liter for petrol, Rs 111.51 per liter for diesel and Rs 96.34 for kerosene.

This is economic burden on the masses when elections are near. Instead of making policies for fair elections, they are busy in increasing petroleum prices. Ministry of finance will announce new prices of petroleum at the midnight of 30 June, 2018. People of Pakistan are waiting for new petroleum prices.

Former team- mate Pablo Zabaleta reveals something astonishing about Lionel Messi!!

Every football lover’s apple of the eye, world famous player of the Barcelonan Team and the Argentine national team, one of the top seasonal scorers, yes! We’re talking about Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini; recently has a major reveal by his Argentinian team-mate Pablo Zabaleta:

Messi used to play with Chelsea on Fifa rather than his own Barcelonan team!

Though his fame in shooting and dribbling spreads across the world but instead of playing with his team he chose the Premier league giants.

When Zabaleta was at Espanyol, the pair used to play in opposition to each other online and on the pitch.

Before becoming a part of the Manchester city in 2008, the West Ham defender spent almost three years with the Spanish club but he revealed that the Barcelonan star rather often chose the West London club for playing with.

“I was better at PlayStation than Messi. He used to play with Chelsea a lot.”
“I used to live in Barcelona city and he was living 30 minutes outside. We were playing on the internet.” Said Zabaleta while speaking to the BBC.

Despite of that, Messi and Chelsea never turned out to be a perfect match.
A total being of 835 minutes in a span of 10 matches, Messi has played more minutes in the Champion League against Chelsea than against any other side. But while playing against the Stamford Bridge club, he did not find the net in the initial 730 minutes until last season where across the Champion League round of 16 tie, he netted three times.

Messi also claimed that for some Barca stars, the hatred for Chelsea was stronger than that for Real Madrid; while speaking about Chelsea when he was only 19.
“There are players here who hate Chelsea more than Real Madrid. I never thought I would hear myself say that.
“I also never thought I would see something worse than the Boca and River Plate rivalry or Brazil v Argentina – but this is.

“We would rather play Arsenal, Manchester United or anyone else than be on the pitch with Chelsea.”
He quoted to the News of the World.

By then-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, accused Messi for intentionally trying to send off the Chelsea defender Asier Del Horno in 2006. Although now it seems like the star had an admiration for the giant club bossing The League with Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and co in their group at that time, when he played Fifa with Zabaleta.

A Pakistani Teenager Boy tossed coin for Brazil VS Costa Rica (FIFA WORLD CUP 2018)

A 15 years old boy dressed up in Red, Adidas football uniform stepped into the stadium. There was huge crowd in the stadium divided into two main supporting team; Brazil and Costa Rica. Crowd was waiting holding flags and other supporting material, for the boy to come and toss the coin, so that match gets started. The awaited boy walked into the stadium accompanied with match officials and two captains for coin toss. His every step towards field was a wish come true for him. He always dreamt to meet Neymar. Jr and it was that special moment of his life. He not only met Neymar. Jr but the Brazilian Football Team too.

It was 22 June, 2018 -the day he will never forget and we as a Pakistani nation too. That boy named Amed Raza became the very first Pakistani present on the pitch of Fifa World Cup match as one of the match officials.

Ahmed Raza is a citizen of Pakistan and belong to a Sialkot family. The family who have crafted stitched footballs for professional leagues from three generations. It was very proud moment for whole family that Ahmed Raza became the official part of Fifa World Cup 2018. Even he said: “I could have never imagined that I would be here. I am so happy to be at the St. Petersburg Stadium.”

Everyone is very excited to know Ahmed Raza’s journey from Sialkot to Fifa World Cup stadium. For the purpose, Coca Cola has collaborated with Sharmeen Obaid- Chinoy to make a documentary. Sharmeen Obaid- Chinoy have already received Two– Time Academy Award and all are expecting a great documentary from her team. According to several reports, documentary will be released in next month July, 2018. We wish her best of luck and congratulate Ahmed Raza for his unforgettable experience!

How sports can benefit your well-being

In the era where everything can be done by just a tap on your phone, physical/outdoor activities and sports are highly underrated. Children and adults mostly prefer to spend their leisure time on social media, which results not only in obesity but also many other risk factors.

It would be surprising for you to know that obesity and low self-esteem and closely related. According to a study in June 2012 “There were many different psychological and social health benefits reported, with the most commonly being improved self-esteem, social interaction followed by fewer depressive symptoms. Sport may be associated with improved psychosocial health above and beyond improvements. It is recommended that community sports participation is advocated as a form of leisure time PA for children and adolescents, in an effort to not only improve physical health in relation to such matters as the obesity crisis but also to enhance psychological and social health outcomes”


To enlighten you on what is best is my utmost priority every time. So today after a good research I have ruled out certain health benefits of those individuals who practice sports and disadvantages of those who don’t. If you are from either of the categories, reading this article will increase your knowledge. Just keep reading the article below:

Advantages of sports:

Healthy weight management:

Obesity is the growing concern of everybody now days and the root causes are uncountable. But if you spend at least one hour in any sporty activity then you can easily maintain a healthy body weight. It can be a long walk or vigorous training in the gym, anything that makes you sweat properly. People who regularly play sports have a fitter body.

Keeps heart diseases at bay:

The more your muscles are stretched and exercised, the lesser are chances of malfunctioning of heart. When you work out or play any kind of sports, your heart pumps blood faster hence even lessening the chances of clotting in arteries. High blood is another cause of various heart disease or stroke. Being active in sports can prevent that.

Balanced cholesterol level:

High level of LDL has a direct link with many deadly diseases, and this important health factor is often looked over. According to a research, LDL or bad cholesterol level in people who do not practice sports or indulge themselves in some physical activity was found remarkably high while the ones who did had the appropriate level of HDL or good cholesterol.

Improved blood circulation:

Blood circulation improves when you play sports, and the body remains well oxygenated. And when healthy, well oxygenated blood is distributed to throughout the body, their functionality will be enhanced in a healthy manner. Hence keeping your immune system less vulnerable towards catching viruses and bad bacteria. Being physically active can also increase the hemoglobin count and the volume of blood.

Fact: low hemoglobin count results in anemia, which causes many instabilities in the proper functionality of the body.

Strong immunity:

When your immune system is weak, you are prone to become sick easily. Regular exercise and sports build up a strong immunity that helps the body to fight against bad bacteria and viruses and maintain a level of good bacteria within the body. When sweat production is increased during sports, it also removes harmful toxins from the body, due to the rise in temperature the growth of harmful bacteria lessens. The rate at which white blood cells reach every body part increases significantly while exercising.

Positive attitude towards life:

When you exercise, you feel fresh and even more energetic. It creates a zing that motivates you to do tasks that you hate to do so due to laziness. As it revitalizes your mind as well, a sense of positivity is created within your own self.

Boosted self-esteem:

When you play any particular sports, certain chemicals are released from your brain, making you feel relaxed and elevates your mood. When you feel good about the things you do, your self-esteem is automatically boosted. And it has a vital role in healthy functioning socially as well as biologically.

Setting goals:

When you set certain goals that you want to achieve in sports every day, it gives you the motivation that no matter how bigger goal you set, at the end of the day you can achieve it! It is like believing in your own self rather than seeking approval from every corner in the society.

Decreased stress, happy mood:

When you exercise, certain chemicals are produced in your brain out one is endorphins. You would be wondering what it does? Endorphins are the chemical responsible to make us feel happy and contented. When you feel happy, lesser are the chances of stress and depression.

Disadvantages of not practicing sports:

Coronary heart diseases:

Your heart needs well oxygenated and toxin free blood to function properly if you are not giving it what it needs then how can you expect that it won’t catch any disease?

Flabby body:

A firm and shipshape body is sexier and charming if you have firm flesh and well-toned muscles it will have a great impact on your personality. On the hand flabby figure makes you older than your age no matter how young you are.

Over weight:

The most worrisome issue among every age of the person is obesity. Hypertension, hormonal imbalance, heart diseases, depression and other countless illnesses take birth from obesity. Does your weight concern you too?

Low stamina:

When you have low stamina, you cannot be productive in any activity you put your hand in. you will feel tired after working little. You will need repeated naps to function all day long. And it will definitely hinder your life to a great deal.

Poor psychological health:

When you have a poor physical health it directly effects your mental health. Firstly, the release of sufficient chemicals in the brain is hindered due to less or no exercise. Secondly, if you have a bad reflection of your body in your own view it will make you feel hopeless. Think to yourself, if you have a poor physical and psychological health then what kind of life are you living? Is it worth it?

After a good insight in this matter, I hope you are enough motivated to do something about your health through sports.

Tip: while playing sports, it is always better to consume detox that will fasten the process of removing harmful toxins from your body. You can find many easy and quick recipes for making your own detox all over the net.
Happy exercising! 😉